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Military ClothingSO WE could save about $50 million by having military uniforms made overseas. Surely there are other things we could send offshore, and at the end of the day the marriage equality plebiscite will be paid for?Mind you there will also be the minor matter of welfare payments for the Australian citizens displaced from work as a consequence of this decision.
Nanjing Night Net

Whatever happened to “Jobsen Growth”?On the positive side though, I suppose that this contract does ensure we won’t unilaterally (no need for a plebiscite) declare war on a country that is making our military uniforms, in case they decide to go slow, or cease production.

Rick Mecklenburgh, Seven Mile Beach.AbstainI VERY much agree with the two excellent sets of comments from B. Pearce and Malcolm McCulloch regarding euthanasia and the pulp mill (The Examiner, September 10).

The Tasmanian Liberal government members with strong religious beliefs, who certainly weren’t elected because of those beliefs, should abstain from voting on any bills involving euthanasia, which could enable Tasmania to have voluntary euthanasia.

Also, pass more severe laws to stop Green and environmental protesters from trespassing, which would encourage a company to finally build a pulp mill, which would create jobs for Tasmanians and have economic benefits for our state.

Mick Leppard, Invermay.Pauline HansonIT IS demeaning to watch past and present members of the Coalition supporting Pauline Hanson’s right to express her outrageous views regarding the Muslim faith and it’s followers with the immunity of parliamentary privilege. Even her most severe critic during her first term in the Senate, John Howard, has now changed his stance.Whatever could have brought about such a vigorous defence of Senator Hanson’s comments?Don’t suppose that four votes in the Senate plus a green light to Jacqui Lambie to follow suit has any bearing on the issue.

A Carter, Mowbray.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.


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