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Liquids pouring on weight

Are you trying to lose weight, but failing to see tangible or satisfying results?
Nanjing Night Net

Fourteen days should be enough time for you to start noticing shifts in your body and overall health when following a healthy diet for weight loss.

So if you can’t see or feel any changes you may be doing this one simple thing wrong.

You might be drinking the wrong beverages too often.

We seem to think that drinks aren’t as harmful as food when it comes to weight gain and total health.

But it turns out that drinks and beverages in general can be a massive hindrance and can lead to unwanted weight gain and so could well be the reason that your weight loss efforts aren’t working.

Just because it’s liquid and the texture doesn’t feel as bulky and solid when entering the body as solid food doesn’t mean it isn’t doing you harm.

Think of a milkshake for example.

They often consist of ice cream, sugary-flavoured syrup and sugary milks to add extra taste.

If the ingredients weren’t blended into a liquid and you were able to place it into a bowl it would look, taste and feel no different than a bowl of desert.

Texture has alot to answer for, because it really is so easy to consume beverages and be under the impression that they aren’t doing you harm.

One of my favourite hot drinks is a Chai Latte, I could have three a day if I let myself, but one regular chai latte consists of 1700 kilojoules.

Would you believe it if I told you that one large chai latte has the same amount of kilojoules as a double cheese burger?

And if you’re having two chai lattes a day that’s almost half of the recommended daily kilojoule intake for an adult.

Scary isn’t it! That’s just one example.

Fruit juices, sports drinks and iced coffees that you can grab from most supermarkets and general stores are just as bad.

Alcoholic beverages will hijack your weight loss too.

And don’t event get me started on energy drinks.

I still think it’s important to have a balanced lifestyle so do t think that you have to completely cut out your simple pleasures in life, but if you are struggling to shift unwanted kilos, the beverages that you are consuming on a regular basis could be the culprit.

The average daily recommended kilojoule intake for an adult is 8700.

The actual number of kilojoules you need will vary depending on your age, gender, activity levels and love circumstances.

If you require assistance with your weight loss please seek advice from your doctor or see a weight loss consultant.Follow me on Snapchat @cassienewsome

Deceptive: Beverages can hijack your weight loss objectives.

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